Backcountry Permit

Permit Rules and Regluations:

  • ONE PERMIT PER PERSON – Each person in the group must have a permit.
  • Visitor’s must have this permit in possession during their visit to the Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area
  • Carry this permit with you
  • Snowmobiles must have resident or nonresident Calif. Off Highway Vehicle Registration or current home state registration
  • OBEY BOUNDARIES- Stay in designated snowmobile areas — PCT Crossing Route – Stay on marked route
  • Pack Out Trash
  • Do Not Approach Wildlife! Keep Wildlife Wild!

Before you go

  • Get the Gear – Carry avalanche safety gear including a beacon, shovel, probe, and airbag backpack
  • Get the Training – Take a Level 1 Avalanche Class
  • Get the Forecast – Check the snow and avalanche conditions at

While you are riding:

  • Get the Picture – Look for obvious clues to snowpack instability like recent avalanche activity, shooting cracks/whumphing, recent new snow, recent wind-loading, and rapid warming
  • Get out of Harms Way – Only expose one person at a time to avalanche terrain and regroup in safe areas out of avalanche terrain and out of avalanche runout zones.


For the Humboldt-Toiyabe (east 108) road, be aware that the area is used by the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center for winter warfare training activities

Backcountry Permit Form

Please fill out form in its entirety.

    Accept Terms and Condtions

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